Monday, August 13, 2007


Well I'm glad to say Tanya has safley returned home! praise God.
While she was gone I prayed for her and every one else that they'd all have an awesome time together and that they would return home safely
God gave me plenty of time by myself to think and to get re focused in my life.
For three days after Tanya's departure I laid around like a couch tater.
I have been alone before when Tanya has been gone on trips before.
My system shuts down due to the fact in the past I haven't functioned well with her gone.
It's like a part of my soul is missing when she's gone.
After sitting around for three days not knowing what to do I went to bed, in the wee hours of the following morning I prayed and asked my Jesus to get me motivated and help me find purpose for my life during her time of absence,
Praise God he dealt with me in my heart about doing things I'd been behind on, once I was done it made me feel go to do something of purpose.
All of the people I have met during this process are such an inspiration.
Sincerely Derek

Monday, July 16, 2007

How's everybody doing?

Pretty good I hope!

I'm doing well.

Tanya's counting the days, min. and hrs. until she sees baby Glory! she's pretty anxious.

She hasn't even left yet and I all ready miss her.

Once again I need to start praying for her and everyone else that God will speed up the process.

See U later.

Sincerely Derek

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Life is a journey with many destinations- prelude to the final destanation!

First I would Like to Thank Jesus for saving me from self destruction and from freeing me from being held captive in my imprisoned mind.
Thanks Jesus!
Secondly I'd like to say thanks to my Brother and sister in Christ, Troy and Cathy Burnette for paving the road before us and all that were before them.
I've slowly been coming out of my shell that the world had incapsulated me in.
Finally set free at last.PRAISE GOD!
I prayed before our journey to Haiti that God would give me more faith and less worry, and boy did he deliver.
I never thought he'd use the Super Bowl and the lack of presence of Tanya to get the job done.
Note: Thanks God and what an awesome job you acomplished!
After arriving in Haiti at the airport we saw two people get into a fight and I realized this isn't reality I must be dreaming.
Seeing people carring guns and machettes and UN military army tanks. Mounds of garbage and rancid odors along with the other mulitude of things words can't describe.
This caused what I thought was a strong mind to crash into reality of how totally weak I really am.
I thank God for watching over us all and getting us home safley, I think I kissed the ground after getting off the plane on in the US.
I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful as to helping everyone with the work on the orpanage.
It took three days for my body to emerge from being in a fetal position on my bed, how lame and week was that!
I would like to thank You You and Gail and Jody for all they do.
Thank you Jody for giving me that crushing hug during my time of self created time of desperation.
It lifted my spirits and once again comfort began to seep deeply back into my soul.
I don't really know how this Blog thing works yet but I'd like to say thanks to Tanya for helping to grow a little through this process.
If I believed in making wishes I'd wish for just half of Tanya's brain cells, then at least I'd get past my gradeschool mentality.
Michelle!!! You totally rock!
I was and still am inspired by your true inner strength.
When I was having a very hard time with being exposed to an enviorment that my mind just couldn't process you gave me words of encouragement which lifted my spirit.
You didn't speak of inner strength but I could see it in your eyes and this helped my mind to refocus.Thank U! very much!
Brother Donn Brown ! Oh what a true insperation!
Totally awesome!
In you I have seen a true inner peace which goes beyond description; I have seen more of Jesus through you than anyone before.
I'm sorry I didn't call after arriving back in the states I was still trying to come out of my shell hope to hear from you soon.
Sorry we missed you at the gathering in Newburg- hopefully our paths will cross again.
Well today I went to Jail and into the drunk tank I went- ha ha bet I've got you wandering now!I've been waiting for Jesus to give me a ministry.
So today I went to the local county jail and got locked into a drunk tank with a pastor and with some prisoners.
But before I went I prayed for a while and asked God to go with me and that he'd speak through me for his purpose and Glory.
The experience was totally awesome and more than I could have ever expected.
I gave them all a big hug when I left, it felt awesome to feel what I felt inside, I think it made me feel what Jesus must have felt like when in the presence of the less fortunate.
I felt the love of Christ run right through me and into them!
Now I know how Jesus wants us to love all of mankind- totally unconditionally.